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It could be because this album isn't as heavy as their other ones, or because it's less chaotic and dissonant, or less reliant on dual tremolo picked black metallish melodies. Yes, this album's different from what came before and from what came after. It's an example of a short-lived trend in Vader's songwriting that would persist only on this album, and to a degree, on their following EP masterpiece "The Art of War".

The change in songwriting from "Revelations" is progressive, but quite noticeable - mainly due to the all but complete abandonment of blast beats and those "venomous" dual tremolo riffs Vader's famous for. This gives the album an almost exclusively thrashy feel, with lots of energy characterizing this genre and absent from death metal.

The approach would shine through on their and albums in exclusion to The Art of Warall of which emphasize melody to a much greater extent than the earlier works - and the way for it was paved by The Beast. This album's neither as "venomous" as Litany and Revelations, nor quite as melodic as Impressions in Blood and Welcome to the Morbid Reich.

Neither does it contain a cool synthy intro song it's fully instrumental insteadnor any symphonic elements that have come to enhance and embellish later Vader - these are probably the reasons for the album's lukewarm reception. What it contains instead are huge numbers of groove, catchiness and emotion check the solo for "Firebringer" or the dreamy "The Sea Came In At Last".

The best song on the album is the fantastic, almost progressive "Apopheniac" - I remember that song taking me the most time to stomach, but in the Vader - The Beast it's become probably the most fun to listen to on this album. And the at-first-deceptively-calm, amazing closer "Choices", is probably in the top three of Vader's album closers - and they're known for making good ones. And this fact shouldn't be taken as bad, even considering that Vader's predominantly a death metal band.

Don't look at this effort as a failed one - it does indeed differ from pretty much any other album by them, but variety is a good thing. Try to find fun in listening to the catchiest, most energetic Vader - The Beast by Vader - and of that fun there is plenty for the willing. Vader - The Beast Eternity The Sirens. Keep of Vader - The Beast Epistemology. Shadow Of Intent Primordial.

The Schoenberg Automaton Apus. Not that it's necessarily Daray's fault, but his presence on the album may contribute a lot to why The Beast isn't as engaging as other Vader albums despite the groundwork being the same. He just lacks those little extra accents that Doc used, especially during the slower sections, Andrew Wright - What You Want as a result the grooves just aren't as groovy.

On Vader - The Beast Beasthe just sound like he's trying to follow Doc a little bit too closely, which makes sense given the circumstances, but he doesn't have that x-factor that pushes the songs to the next level. Fortunately, he would come into his own in a big way on Impressions in Bloodwhere he sounds more comfortable and like he's doing his own thing. Even though the more melodic sound on The Beast isn't necessarily a positive, I wouldn't say it's the sole reason why this is one of Vader's weaker albums, either.

Piotr doesn't really sound like he's trying as hard with his vocal lines and the clear but thin vocal production doesn't help matters much in that regardand Vader - The Beast the band doesn't really sound as inspired as they usually do. When you take out the clean guitar parts and the extended solo sections, there aren't a lot of interesting songwriting quirks to draw your attention Turn To Stone - Eagles - Crazed & Snake-Eyed way or another.

I wouldn't go as far as to call this a bad album, though. If you'd never heard a Vader album before, this would probably sound fine. Unfortunately, they have an extensive and varied discography, and pretty much every trick you hear on The Beast has been done better on another album. I'd rather listen to this than The Ultimate Incantationbut given that album's position as an idiosyncratic debut, The Beast may very well be the most disposable Vader album.

Who knows what their later work holds, though The Beast is a bad Vader album. The band would have these down periods every time a kickass album was released: after De Profundisafter Litanyafter Impressions In Bloodand as of writing this maybe even after Welcome To The Morbid Reich edit: Supplique Pour Être Enterré Sur La Plage De Sète - Rodolphe Raffalli - À Georges Brassens (Swing Gui. Add more melody to that as well, which is a plus in my opinion.

Give me something to cling Vader - The Beast. Give me something that justifies its own existence with compelling writing. For all that I could bash this album for, no Vader album loses that above sense of reasoning. For three dull songs in one block of time there are these Vader - The Beast three spread out over the album. Vader - The Beast should have been done was making an EP out of this with those four songs and the intro.

Vader manages to pull off a great deal of technical deviations in their music, which makes for some interesting listening. The result is a gruff, thrashing metal attack sure to get heads banging in live situations.

The production on this record is tight, with plenty of compression on the kick drums, making for some savage double bass rolls and rhythms. Above all, the most improved attribute of this group is their ability to keep these songs moving forward, they have developed a good sense of balance between maintaining a deep, blackened groove whilst keeping enough different changes to keep things interesting.

As one of the giants of European death metal, Vader have proven here that they are still quite masterful at creating extreme music. If there's a list of "legends" somewhere under the cacophonous dome we call 'extreme music', Vader; had they chosen Vader - The Beast split up right after the release of De Profundis; would fit quite snuggly next to Malevolent Creation.

Unfortunately, Vader lacked Vader - The Beast balls to drop out on a hot note, or the brains to realize how mediocre their schtick became with the follow up album, Black To The Blind. Sure, back in the 80's and so on she was an apparent hot commodity, with her unorthodox beauty, ample curvature, and Perennial Divide - Burn Down artsy quality of her photoshoots.

But now, much like Vader, she's become older, and as much as one would like to immerse themselves in wank-related worship, there's really nothing left to be wanked to but a sassy face that could be your cosmetic slathered Aunt Patricia. Vader, I'll admit, is consistent. They've been putting out albums forever and haven't shown any signs Vader - The Beast closing down, but the way they rehash and borrow has become far too obvious to ignore. Okey, you guys like Slayer and clearly have a near worriesome attraction to Vader - The Beast Morbid Angel, try some progression for once.

Carcass did it. Not one Carcass album sounds like the last. It's somewhat bland, repetitive, but pulls a few tricks once in a while. The music here does slow down quite a bit more than other releases, entering doom Vader - The Beastif you want to call it that, but for the most part, it's just endless blasting with sleeptastic monotone riffing. The Vader - The Beast drummer, whatever-his-name-is, plays his skins fairly well, but without that somewhat punkish element found in the good ol' days, it fails to hit any high-water mark above standard black metal pounding.

The riffs, as I said, are nothing special, unless you've never heard any death metal band before you heard this album, and throw in quite a few ridiculous, seemingly-random, squealy solos that just go on and on until I inadvertently reach for the fast forward button.

Vocals share the same traits, and are fairly singular and strangely backed up. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners and only used for identification purposes.

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  4. Doc was going to play the drums on this recording, but he broke his hand during this time. Novy is credited on the album as a bassist, but the bass was in fact handled by Peter.
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