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Powered by Antigua :. Post by admin. Filed under Advertising. No Comments. Hosted on: uploaded. Filed under SD Clips. Hosted on: Keep2Sharekatfile. Best Of Huge Cumshots 1 Read the rest of this entry Sonic Mature Pleasure Read the rest of this entry Buying His Time Read the rest of this entry Looks like Payton's not the only one who's gonna get cum on her tattoos today Thanks to that show, in fifth grade I was able to provide a definition of "tessellation" Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 my teacher didn't recognize the word.

All the songs were just amazing, and they stick with me decades later. Comedy music Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 a long history of "honest" love songs, but this one from Square One is my favorite; hilarious, with bonus math lesson. One of the politically awkward points about intelligence in humans is that, while genetics has to have something to do with it, family environment is involved too.

There are measurably smart parents who create a sterile and uninspiring environment for their kids. Politically, the parental element, especially when it is labelled "genetic", is a great excuse for not "wasting" money on education. While a chunk is in our genes, it's certainly worth making the effort to inspire children. And most of this effort needs to be made from the earliest days. By the time they start school, it may already be too late.

Yes, you have Sesame Streetbut we have a whole TV channel, Cbeebies, aimed at this age group, and with a lot of material designed to stimulate young children.

It's never going to be enough, and parents trapped by poverty and unemployment are going to struggle to add to that stimulation. But it's there. Yet, despite that start, we're told that we are at the bottom of international comparisons of literacy and numeracy, and older people score better than the young, which is unusual.

I wonder what schools have been doing wrong for the past twenty or so years. One feature in that time had been the pressure on the school to score well in standardised tests. The Politicians are now insisting that all schools should be above average. That might make sense, if they were to say that the average they set as the target was, for instance, that of But that isn't what they say. As for the newspaper results on these shocking results for numeracy and literacy, there's all the usual statistical deception and inadequacy in how the figures are presented.

Nobody is saying what the difference is between the worst and the best, and more subtle there is nothing about the error range possible. Old people are smarter, but the difference between old and young is one part in One radical proposal I have seen is that schools should stop teaching calculus, and put the effort into probability and statistics. When there are so many instances of figures being abused in obvious ways by those in power, it's a tempting idea, but do we really expect to get a change in education which goes against the interests of Government, Media, and The Mob?

Speaking as the parent of a newly-effloresced middle schooler, let me tell you that a lot of the work of making a kid an academic success and thus "intelligent" Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 most measures we use in society is not complete by the time they start primary school. The amount of adult time and attention that goes into making sure the kid is appropriately fed, rested, Twentelaand, Vaderlaand - Various - De Mooiste Liedjes In Het Twents and dressed, at the right location at the right time with the right books, and has completed all of his homework with an acceptable level of attention is pretty staggering.

I'm certainly staggering as we do it. Running a household that has the mental, emotional and physical space to do this is very much easier with money. We each only work one job, so evenings Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 available for tutoring and coaching in study skills; we have the energy to spend those evenings doing that; we have enough space that the child can have somewhere quiet to study. This is not to discount CBeebies, which both of our kids adored and learned a lot from.

But I gotta tell you, I look back on those days with fond nostalgia sometimes. Writer Daniel Abraham and his wife Kat, when asked why they have only their 7-year-old-daughter who's joked about coffee as a non-newtonian-liquid, have responded with words to the effect that they wouldn't have the energy to nurture two kids.

My nephew is four years old, has Down's Syndrome, and is a sunny, sweet-natured, adorable, but above all very energetic little boy. I recently went to stay with my sister and family, and experienced his constant boing at first hand for a few days. It was fun, but Mongoose I've known for some time that children are energy vampires - it's the simplest explanation for why they have so much energy while the adults around them have so little.

Dave Bell - the thing is, the scores of people in their 50's and teenagers that people are comparing, are actually very close indeed, so there isn't any clear need to worry about it.

But then as you note the newspaper presentation of it all is pants. There are many, many things wrong with it, and some useful points. Interestingly, there are charts suggesting that, over the last decade with teach to the test, that exam results are uncoupled from the results you expect from general surveys of ability.

Which makes sense if you are teaching to the test; you gain ability at completing set narrow tasks and lose more general abilities. Cummings work also claims, without any evidence, that Sure Start and the like don't work.

Apparently the Tory government shut down the funding to the body which was monitoring how Sure Start was doing, so that's not exactly fair. Older people may read Cummings paper and remember ones like it from the 50's or 60's, with the white heat of technocracy promising to use science to make everything better. Henry Troup Yeah. It's called the Binomial Theorem. This is much of the difference between "genetics" and "heritability". Parents who screw up nurturing are failing heritability no matter how stable their genetics are.

See also Goodhart's Law. It seems my "view all by" is split, with only 86 of my posts including some older ones attached to this address -- presumably, the rest are at my older address on the same site. That's a rhetorical question by the way. The so-called male is question is obviously suffering from a combination of sexism, racism, and the sort of Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 small "instrument package" that would make any scientist insecure.

David G -- the problem for an off-number of the exponent isn't actually addressed by chris's comment, at least directly. It's slightly more complex than that. For a simple question I haven't played with it, so I don't know! Since divisibilty by 11 is indicated by the sum of odd and even digits in Youd Think He Didnt Know Me - Helen Shapiro, Grady Martin And The Jordanaires - Helen In Nashville number in question, this could be a useful bit of information.

And that aspect of divisibility is also base-independent, because of the binomial expansion referenced earlier. Here's the latest from SciAm. Alex R Sexist and racist, yes, very plainly - but could we not conflate anatomy with character? Good news: the job is done. Also, took about as long as anticipated. Bad news: job took about 4x the energy local woman anticipated. Especially considering the," she coughs, "quality of the images produced.

Local woman garners the perhaps not-mind-blowing insight that the intelligent way to approach this would have been to photograph each piece, individually, as it was finished. Of course, this would presuppose finishing each piece in a reasonably timely fashion, istead of leaving touch-up and that last coat of varnish to be done in a Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 in a mad panic at the very last possible minute. Tom Whitmore For a simple question I haven't played with it, so I don't know!

If you do it properly, yes. You have to work in two-digit blocks, so that you're actually doing it in base At that point, it works exactly the same as 9s in base 10, for the same reason.

Dave Bell I've heard a lot of suggestions that calculus be removed from the curriculum, and a lot of suggestions that statistics should be added. Usually the two suggestions go together but I've heard other candidates for what should replace calculus or be dropped for statistics. I'm unsure if they are good ideas. On one hand its true that calculus is one of the least useful branches of math in day to day life and as it is currently taught not very good at building mathematical reasoning something with more proofs would be better.

On the other hand knowing calculus is a huge bottleneck for a lot of fields that require math, there's a reason Newton needed to invent it to explain gravity. You can teach people some rather useful tricks for not being misled by statistics without using calculus, but actually understanding even basic probability theory often requires the use of calculus concepts like limits.

Assuming you mean something like "starting with a base 10 number, break it into 2-digit chunks starting Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 the right and allowing the leftmost digit to stand alone if necessaryadd up the sum of all chunks, repeat until answer is 2 digits or less" the answer will be congruent to the original number mod 99, so yes, if it is divisible by 3, 9, 11, or 33, then so was the original number.

Similarly, casting out 9s also works as a test for divisibility by 3 -- if you end up with 3 or 6, then the original number was divisible by 3 but not by 9. Since divisibilty by 11 is indicated by the sum of odd and even digits in the number in question. At first I thought I found a counterexample, but if Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 of "the sum of the odd digits and the sum of the even digits are equal" you use "the sums differ by a multiple of 11" as the criterion for divisibility Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 the original number, I think it would work.

It's not immediately obvious to me which would be easier in general. Area man caramelizes onions in slow cooker starting Friday, is very satisfied with the result on Sunday. A slow cooker is really Sail On, Sail Away - Moxy - A Tribute To Buzz Shearman (Vinyl, Album, LP) way to go when caramelizing onions!

AM says this is the perfect time to caramelize onions by the Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 method. This year there's a smell in the house, but not on everything. Result is very tasty. The post was about math so maybe some pie will help. It was also about education, but I suspect school lunch would cause it to disappear forever.

Sorry about the delay with your dessert, real life called me away immediately after submitting my last post. Allan Beatty If anyone was thinking of taking a peek back into the political thread, don't bother. Elliott Mason That's Leslie Fish's cats Even her culls Sweet Stench Of Death - Sinners Burn - Disturbing Creatures really freaky-smart and teamworky, by now One can't help but wonder: is this really a good idea?

I mean, forget Skynet Although extinguishing the human race seems like a bad bet, given that they're prone to making all that lovely food. Cygnet - An "open thread" is also likely to attract cats. My cats, alas, are currently spending their days locked in a bathroom while we have construction being done on our floors, or - long rants omitted - not currently being done on our floors. The two cat carriers are in that bathroom, and the smaller cat really likes sitting in the smaller carrier most of the time.

Another recent cat-and-container sighting: we stopped in at the San Francisco zoo when we were going through the city this weekend, and the baby tiger there had a mostly-demolished cardboard box that she was playing with. When we first saw her this spring, she was a bit larger than a housecat; she's now well into Labrador retriever territory.

On childrens' energy levels Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 they've actually got the same energy as adults, but much lower mass, so much higher velocity and faster acceleration.

Put my cat into a carrier and she will yowl and swear constantly until you let her out. Put a box in the room, however, and she will immediately go and sit in it of her own accord. Ok, finally found the link; here is the link to Leslie Fish's fundraiser for an orchard. You are scaring me; I had this idea that once ours got bigger like middle-school age it would be less energy-draining than four pre-schoolers.

Fragano cats have a remarkably broad range of vocalizations, and to add to that they've spent the past five or ten thousand years under a selection pressure for human compatibility -- which includes being able to get us shaved apes to do what they want. Also, if you'd ever heard Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 cat swearing, you would be under no illusions as to what was being expressed. It involves hissing, growling, and a general sense of "you wait until I get out of this thing, food ape: I'm gonna rip your face off and shit down your throat!

Hosanna in the highest! Plus we had a kid-free, two-adults chore afternoon last night that was hella productive on a bunch of stuff that backs up because we're too tired to tackle it, or is strongly not aided by Ocean Waterfall (Original) - Kamil Polner - Ocean Waterfall / Energy Sublimination. There was an surprisingly relaxed vibe to some of the chores I got to sort through the empty spice bottles, find all the right bulk spices to go into them, and fill the bottles -- in one go!

Now if I can just figure out exacly which few colors I want to put in the dark-and-rainbow swirl-skirt dress I just cast on, this morning shall be perfect. Time to hike up to the attic and dig through the yarn boxes and put a few more boxes of yarn up there, newly boxed yesterday in newly-bought boxes -- luxury! Target ishaving a sale on Rubbermaid in 'Halloween colors', if you don't care if your boxes have orange lids.

SamChevre I had this idea that once ours got bigger like middle-school age it would be less energy-draining than four pre-schoolers. In my experience my kids are now 19 and 21 it's energy draining in different ways. With preschoolers Hangar 18 - Megadeth - Attack By Setting Fire Club Citta have to be constantly "on", as Elliott describes With middle schoolers there's less that has to be done Right This Second, but it's more demanding mentally because it requires more strategic thinking about when you need to intervene and when you need to stay out of the way.

I still needed to pick my battles, as I did when they were younger, but some of the battles were bigger. Ours just got home after half a week spent in durance vile while we were off in Jamaica at a conference. I gather, since I was at work when she was picked up, that she was not altogether happy.

The 10 most disturbing facts about racial inequality in the U. And the 11th disturbing fact: that these numbers, skewed by racism, are then used by bigots in defense of racism. It's a vicious cycle. Agatha the Cat Genius often utters angry vocalizations when Rocky the Idiot Cat tries to impose his idea of playfulness upon her.

The first time I heard it, was when Pyewacket, in leash and harness, had been taken outdoors for his first walk in the snow John A Arkansawyer It makes no mention of Jeff Wayne's version of the story? I hear that today is Chris Columbus Day. Why a mediocre film Party - Elvis Presley - 20 Golden Hits - Volume 2 gets celebrated in such a manner, I have no idea.

Teresa, definitely don't click this! It seems like Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 day for this --one of the best songs about war I know. Fragano I think Charlie covered it very well at When you live with a cat, you definitely get an idea of what they're trying to tell you.

Superintelligent Tabby didn't swear often, but when he did, he made Still Going West - After The Concert count.

On one memorable occasion, we had about two feet of snow. Cats tend to excrete at the edge of their territory, and he, being Local Boss Cat, had a rather large territory, so to get to the edge he had to leave the garden, which normally meant ducking under the fence. So there's all this snow on the ground, too deep for a cat to walk normally in. The old boy - who was fifteen at the time - eyed it up, squared his shoulders, launched himself into it, and set off swimming towards the gap under the fence.

It was only when he got there that he realised he hadn't fully thought the situation through. He didn't know how much snow there was on the other side of the fence, he had no way of finding out, and if it had drifted he risked being buried.

He was not pleased. He stopped, turned round, looked at me - still with a clod of snow on his head - and said "Mwap! I called him in and set up the litter tray. He didn't like litter trays and wouldn't use them unless he absolutely had to, but this was an emergency. And he knew I understood he wasn't being a wimp. Leslie Fish's cats on Kay Shapero's webpage:.

HLN: Area Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 sees streaky flashes of light after gym. Tells friend who yells at him "get thee to an opthalmologist. Fast Forward to: Area man Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 a tear in his retina.

The opthalmologist's office will get precertification tomorrow, then call AM, who will go in and get lasers shot into his eye. This should keep the retina from detaching altogether. Area man is rather upset, and his eyes hurt from the dilation. Area man would like good thoughts if possible and prayers from those who pray. Argh, Xopher. A tear is about the only thing my father's retinas haven't done yet. Good luck with the lasers and any other treatment they do-- if they do the bubble thing, take a little while to brainstorm work you can do in bubble posture.

The last time Dad's retina went walkies, he worked on chainmail a lot because it was in the right place anyway. Fragano Some cats stick to a handful of common vocalizations, but many have extensive reportoires. My 16yo, Carrie, is quite expressive. Although she's almost solid black, I suspect Siamese ancestry, because of her body shape, her voice, and her intelligence. That's thanks to my friend Lenore. Many of you know Lenore.

She's the one who made me go to an opthalmologists right away. Xopher, all good wishes and prayers headed your direction. Good for Lenore for good advice, and good for you for following it. Xopher, kind thoughts and whatever mojo I have directed your way since you ask.

When my martial arts teacher had eye surgery good outcome, too long a story to tell right now he found audiobooks a considerable comfort. I also really enjoyed "Holmes on the Range" by Steve Hockensmith. Maybe someone could run by the library and stock up for you?

Xopher, I've told Mojo-bear, whose mojo is generally focused on job hunts and the Red Sox, but he is a kind and The Smoke Of Hastur - Rhuith - Voormithadreth bear, and some of his mojo will go towards your eyes.

I tweeted a few pictures of him recently, if pictures of a cute teddy bear aren't contraindicated. Xopher, good thoughts being sent. For what it's worth, they can do amazing things with lasers to repair retinas these days. Xopher, a friend of mine had that happen several years ago. The eye doctor fixed it with a laser, and all was well. For those of you following along at home, if you suddenly have funny light flashes, or a dark area in your field of vision, see an Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 doctor immediately.

Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 optician can get you referred to an opthamologist right away. Here's more info. Oh, joy. WebMD says that being near-sighted increases your Danny (Mix Maxi) - Claudia Phillips - Cache Ta Joie. In an eye exam, I can't see the big E.

Cassy B. I first realized this in high school when my sorta-cousin our moms were Lamaze buddies, we got raised together a lot crushed her spine in a skiing accident and was walking two weeks later. She was just pissed she was forbidden from roller coasters and diving into swimming pools headfirst she was on the dive team until her accident for a full two years.

Like, 'broken back' was the ultimate classic trope in all the fiction I've read for 'reason to be stuck in a wheelchair all your life'!

Living in science fiction, yeah. Xopher -- my Karen got ring cataracts from an OTC nasal decongestant, and may have to have laser cataract removal -- so I'm sending you Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 wishes around the retinal detachment. Eye stuff -- brr!

We really do live in the future around medical tech. Not everything gets Fixed, but most stuff gets Better right, T? Despite how bad the US system currently is, there's a lot of hope. I have Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 friends who would be dead without what's possible now, and I celebrate their continued existence.

It is frustrating seeing relatives MMC Assigning - Darius (18) - Framedrag or become disabled due to conditions that will likely become treatable in a decade.

Lila, I don't know who made up the term "tuxedo cat" before I ran across it, but it seems to be an extreme example of the countershading found in many wild species, for instance tigers and leopards with white underneath, or at least paler than the back.

Penguins and orca whales seem to find a maximum- contrast black and white color scheme useful for camouflage in the water. But giant pandas, now, that's a mystery. The fuss made over clothes has to me always seemed extremely weird. The outrage over a new type of outfit, and the becoming-mandatory of the same item a bit later, appear two sides of a very silly coin. People can decorate themselves however they want, I don't give a rip, but when somebody uses it to hassle other folks, that needs a rework.

I have for some time suspected the fashion industry of being a mechanism designed to just get people to buy new stuff every season, and so I shop at thrift stores and so on. Best wishes to Xopher and anyone else facing a medical crisis. On another matter, I think I've finally convinced an old friend to look around here, so everybody be charming and warm and brilliant and witty and stuff, O.

And Murder She Wrote - Various - RNB Collection Vol 3 should all put a sweater on because I'm cold. Angiportus indeed. As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of fashion. And there is the oligarchic variety, where there Homebound Train - Bon Jovi - Коллекция Альбомов 1984-2002 a few top designers Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 basically dictate what is going to be "in" this season.

The two types of fashion coexist. I have no quarrel at all with the former, but I have been deeply suspicious of the latter all my life. It took me until I was in my teens to convince my parents that I should be allowed to choose what to wear rather than simply have clothes put out for me it doesn't help that my dad doesn't care what he wears, and still to this day puts on whatever my mum brings him after his bathso I passionately hate being told what to wear by other people.

On the subject of teaching young children, and the endless questions--my wife wrote a piece on it just today actually, published today--she's been working on it for awhile -- Seven Million Whys.

Last weekend, I went on a longish bike ride with "Buggle"--the 6 year old. He noticed the strips in the road for the traffic light controls, and spent the rest of the 35 mile ride looking for them at every light, asking why some lights have them and some don't, why sometimes it takes longer than others for the light to change once you are on the strips, and so on.

It's fun, but very demanding on attention, to try to explain traffic engineering to a 6-year-old. Keep in mind that Joss Whedon's dad was a writer for that show. I have some peaches Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 our moderators. If you do follow John's link, don't neglect to Good luck to Who Am I?

- Necrosadik - Seven Razors And Four Hundred Wounds (Box Set) lasers are frikken' awesome, and you done good to listen to Lenoreas well as to Bruce I've got a flannel overshirt on. Lions and tigers and boxes — Oh, my! Sorry, video may have ad. Internet-famous cat uses its words. Regarding cats, I grew up with cats.

Spouse tells me I have many catlike mannerisms, too Regarding food, I thought people here might be interested in a news article from Science magazine on the first use of spices in European cuisine - years ago! Stone Age. Mongoose, At least in Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08the democratic style of fashion traces back fairly directly to the Great Maxiskirt Debacle of the s.

Women had been dutifully shortening all their skirts as the miniskirts got shorter and shorter, and then when all the designers said, "Oh, this year all the skirts are going to be mid-calf and you will have to throw away your entire wardrobe and buy all new," women said not just no Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 HELL Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08.

And ever since then, while there are definitely still trendy seasonal looks, there's been a lot more acceptance of women simply wearing what suits them. And if I can't find what I want in the stores, I have several online sources that carry the style of things I like to wear. Prayers coming up. Not that I have any special pull with the Almighty. But as a friend of mine says, Prayers are one of the ways we care for one another. At 14, I dimly recall, I thought fashion was important.

Now, I wear what I like, and what's comfortable. Age has its perks. Bruce Durocher: Good luck to you as well; it's nice that we have all this swell modern medicne and stuff, but having to use it? Xopher Sympathies, glad you caught it well done your friend in telling you to get it looked at and good luck for effective treatment and a speedy recovery.

Is this your friend Lenore that I know? Haven't seen her sincebut it's nice to know that she's looking out for you. I have been spending the last few weeks getting my late Mother's sewing machine running. I ended up shortening the sleeves on an old shirt. The results are good. I do have short arms, and taking the cuffs off, shortening the sleeve by a couple of inches, and sewing back on, makes quite a difference.

The first sleeve was a bit of hassle, the second went much faster with a few tweaks to the machine. I think I have been used to having too-long sleeves because that's what comes with a big enough collar. Knitting content : I am not-quite-a-quarter done with a dress for my kid. I'm really liking how it's working up; it's a fairly simple to follow pattern, and the colors I sort of randomly grabbed really look on-purpose. Sunk Costs Fallacy, let me show you it.

Am currently trying not very hard to avoid organizing a pub crawl. Our dinner done, and he not coming thither, I went to seek him: in the street I Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08 him And in his company that gentleman.

There did this perjured goldsmith swear me down That I this day of him received the chain, Which, God he knows, I saw not: for the which He did arrest me with an officer. By the way we met My wife, her sister, and a rabble more Of vile confederates.

Second Merchant Besides, I will be sworn these ears of mine Heard you confess you had the chain of him After you first forswore it on the mart: And thereupon I drew my sword on you; And then you fled into this abbey here, From whence, I think, you are come by miracle. And this is false you burden me withal. If here you housed him, here he would have been; If he were mad, he would not plead so coldly: You say he dined at home; the goldsmith here Denies that saying.

Sirrah, what say you? Go call the abbess hither. I think you are all mated or stark mad. And is not that your bondman, Dromio? Which is the natural man, And which the spirit? What then became of them I cannot tell I to this fortune that you see me in. Antipholus, thou camest from Corinth first?

What I told you then, I hope I shall have leisure to make good; If this be not a dream I see and hear. Will you walk in to see their gossiping? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google Sinbeats:Farewell - Harlots Of Beyond - Insomnia Magazine Jan 08. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


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