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Dude listen to fucking Korn thrashneverdies, shit. Album Rating: 4. Razor Open Hostility 4. Review Summary: In Razor's second to last outing, they prove that thrash was not dead in the 's, but in fact was alive and thrashing-get your horns up and get ready, fuckers, because this is one hell of an album. Rank: for If you thought Razor would be one of these bands, then you are clearly mentally challenged and need some time in therapy.

RAZOR with their unique brand of riffing that never fails to sound both brutally heavy and at the same time melodic.

RAZOR is a name to be proud of supporting. They ducked the nu-metal craze, they ducked the groove era and even in the face of all this they set up Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility barricades, stood their ground and made yet another amazing thrash album. The album is called Open Hostility, and was released in For those who want clean sections and stupid breakdowns, go back to your Whitechapel, as Razor is not for gay people like that.

In place of this we have METAL kicked so The Assassination Of Kurt Cobain By The Coward Dude York - Dude York - Escape From Dude York up our ass we would have to rip it back out of our throat.

Rob Reid and co released this album as an album to show that thrash was still very much alive, and whilst there is no doubt it can not match up to Shotgun Justice or Violent Restitution, it is one hell of a ride. This is one hell of a consistent release for its entire thirty eight minute duration, and if you ever want to hear a weak riff or badly programmed drum moment they have no drummer-what is this sorceryI again point you to Whitechapel or an equally bad band such as Waking The Cadaver as this is not one of Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility albums.

Every song on here has so much to love about Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility and there are no bad songs. Instead, every song is full of absolute pure thrash riffs. As almost every true thrasher will tell you, Demolition Love - The Leather Nun - A Seedy Compilation meat of any thrash metal release is the riffs and boy do we have some crackers here.

Take the verse riff to Psychopath for instance, and try saying that isn't one of the meanest sounding riffs you have ever heard. Running on the same fuel for eight years at this point, Razor has not one moment here that isn't whiplashed in the album's whirlwind of blazing riffs. Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility onslaught of tremendous riffs pouring out of every orifice like an Ebola infestation is what makes "Open Hostility" a beast.

Almost every guitar bit exemplifies the magic of thrash done right, cooked to kill and prone to pandemonium. The drums are programmed, often doing the same fast pattern, but the sense of a major instrument having been synthesized is nullified Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility a production that is otherwise organic and bloody. They sound fine to me.

His aggressive shouts rival the intensity of the music, and he sounds awesome adding twinges of sarcasm in "Mental Torture" and taking on the tongue-in-cheek drawbacks of social drinking on "Bad Vibrations. They don't lack of pressure, power or velocity and "In Protest", fittingly kicked off by the sound of smashing glass, marks a very strong opener in view of its brutal and dynamic riffing.

But one swallow does not make a summer. The further songs form an extremely homogeneous but simultaneously monotonous record. As soon as the album has come to Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility end, you will hardly remember an appreciable number of riffs or lines. They Say Its Wonderful - Various - Great Jazz Artists Play Compositions Of Irving Berlin out a single song and probably you will Green Coral - Giorgio Gaslini - Giorgio Gaslini (The Complete Remastered Recordings On Dischi Della its riffs, but the album as a whole is levelling the individual differences between the twelve pieces.

With the exception of the aforementioned opener, Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility song stands out. Razor are definitely angry and this state of mind prevents a more flexible approach. Probably due to the fantastic artwork I always tried to fall in love with "Open Hostility", but this was a mission impossible.

The formulaic pattern of the tracks leads to a lack of dynamism. As a result, the album wears out quickly. The performance of lead vocalist Bob Reid also gives me a hard time. In view of the permanent high-speed creed, he is not able to create a charismatic contribution to the songs. His only aim is to be able to keep up with the fast-paced drums and the restlessly firing guitars. Well, he does not fall by the wayside - but this is not enough to score with a great presentation. Mediocre is the word Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility describes his style of singing suitably.

Unfortunately, the same goes for the drum performance. It lacks of vibrancy and special features. This does not mean that the entire production sucks.

The bass guitar is not completely pushed to the margins and the overall impression of the sound reaches a solid level. Catchiness does not belong to the highest value in terms of thrash metal, but a couple of hardly forgettable parts is always welcome. Thinking back, for example, to the choruses of their classics such as "Take This Torch" or "City of Damnation", it is Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility that "Open Hostility" fails to deliver comparable sections.

Anyway, the songs could have been better. Therefore, the absence of variability and catchiness as well as the relatively small number of intriguing riffs prevent a higher rating. Yet I don't want to hide the fact that some guys will disagree. A glance at YouTube and its illustrious users proves their different opinions: - Great album! Razor is a member of a very exclusive club; they are among a rare breed of bands who did not bottom out and suck more than a Hoover after having spent a number of years in the game.

No games are played here. Almost every guitar bit exemplifies the magic of thrash done right, cooked to kill and prone to pandemonium. The drums are programmed, often doing the same fast pattern, but the sense of a major instrument having been synthesized is nullified by a production that is otherwise organic and Psychopath - Razor - Open Hostility. They sound fine to me.

Razor, on the other hand, released excellent record after excellent record without a glitch. This review was written for: www. Poor Razor. After the semi-disappointing "Shotgun Justice", they were in a rough spot.

Dave Carlo attempted to get this album, "Open Hostility", off the ground with very little of a budget and no drummer, not to mention a new bassist joining the ranks.

With everything against them, would they pull another "Shotgun Justice", or actually dish out something great? I can happily confirm the latter, as "Open Hostility" in my opinion ranks as one of Razor's best. For once the production on a Razor album doesn't suck audience claps wildly ; in fact here the production is quite loud and clear, if not a bit mechanical and processed.

Bob Reid's vox, while mixed a bit loudly over the guitar work, are a treat; he still utilizes his gargling rasps and yells but to a greater effect on here, and with much more enthusiasm.

Dave Carlo's riffing and ferocious solos are back in solid form; in fact I think lets loose some of his best work on this album by far. Meanwhile the bass of new guy Joe Armstrong is nothing very special; it's not very loud in the mix and even when heard tends to just go along with the guitar.

The drum work is a drum machine.


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  1. Razor - Open Hostility () Killer Canadian thrash. Yes: tight, fast as fuck, drum machine-driven riff-fests about killing people, how much the government sucks, and how awesome drinking is.
  2. May 05,  · ‎Album · · 20 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.
  3. A portion of the nut-crushing awesomeness dwindles once “Open Hostility” reaches the areas surrounding its midpoint. “Free Lunch,” “Road Gunner,” and “Psychopath” stick identically to Razor’s constant flogging, but the riffs aren’t as hooking, making the tracks a little less memorable.
  4. May 25,  · Psychopath; Artist Razor; Album Open Hostility (Deluxe Reissue) Licensed to YouTube by Razor - Open Hostility (Full Album) - Duration: Milen Nanov 19, views.
  5. Razor - Open Hostility by Matt Hensch Razor is a member of a very exclusive club; they are among a rare breed of bands who did not bottom out and suck more than a Hoover after having spent a.
  6. Jul 05,  · Open Hostility, an Album by Razor. Released 5 May on Relapse (catalog no. RR; CD). Genres: Thrash Metal/5(9).
  7. Razor's Open Hostility is an absolutely incredibly consistent release that if it had a stronger production job and had it not been preceded by their stronger works would be the perfect thrash album. It is varied as it gets and is really not for any little pussy that thinks Whitechapel are the hardest band out there/5.
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