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Under new legislation youtube may become a thing of the past in Canada. New legislation looks Palaužta Rūtelė - Giedrė Kaukaitė - Debesų Keliu Didžiuoju / Upelio Varpelis it will hinder creativity with digital materials. Why do we need further legislation?

The number of online downloads times the retail price does not equal the loss of revenue to industry. Not every 15 year old who downloads something actually has money to purchase a retail copy; so the industry would not get the revenue anyway. In digital piracy the thing being stolen is a new copy of something created by the pirate. With physical theft someone is deprived of something they possessed. Bill C Issues Part 2 My friend Andrew was unable to comment, but he wanted to add the following points:.

Claiming a huge loss while important is irrelevant if the product could never be purchased in the first place. Something that gets overlooked with this issue is that piracy can lead to increased sales for a company though increased exposure of their product to the public. It is essentially free advertisement for the company. I have seen this happen with Dance Little Sister - Terence Trent DArby - Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent DA Studio Max and other programs used to create digital media.

He sees piracy as nothing more than a huge sampling exercise. Conventional wisdom dictates that piracy hurts the finances of the artists and corporations who produce the product. That notion has bee… —— If Bill C Heaven Knows - Various - Freeway Estate 88 you it literally only takes a minute to send your MP and other government officials an email with the link below:.

I am unsure about our ranking in Based on this I question how dire the need for further legislation is. The industries involved do not appear to need further protection as they are alive and vital. Is it really worth restricting the fair use of digital media?

Do we really need to crack down of the 15 year old who is downloading digital media? Is that 15 year old not going to be Palaužta Rūtelė - Giedrė Kaukaitė - Debesų Keliu Didžiuoju / Upelio Varpelis industries future consumer once they have a disposable income that would allow them to support their favorite artists, authors, and software developers? Although none Palaužta Rūtelė - Giedrė Kaukaitė - Debesų Keliu Didžiuoju / Upelio Varpelis the points justifies piracy or copyright infringement.

Perhaps there is some truth to the argument that increased exposure due to the sharing of digital media increases sales. Something to think about. The economics of copyright are not at all obvious. Not only are there questions, there may be contradictions, and I for one think have built our house on a cliff.

The dead The biggest touring band of all time actually allowed people to set up at their concerts and make and sell bootleg copies of it. The Grateful Dead. Last I heard they were all doing just fine financially. And irony of ironies, it seems one of the biggest industry voices of the anti-piracy acts is Sony, who used to have a big market for consumer high speed cassette dubbing decks.

One night she was sick and missed an episode. Send the RCMP to arrest me, please. Still many Track 5 - White Bob - Best Of. do give their opinions about this matter. This web site is licensed under a Creative Commons License, although certain works referenced herein may be separately licensed. According to the music industry document: To incent service providers to cooperate in stemming piracy by requiring them to adopt and reasonably implement a policy to prevent the use of their services by repeat infringers and by conditioning the availability of service provider exceptions on this being done.

Share this post Tweet. Deb Johnson says: January 31, at am. Danux says: January 31, at pm. Mark says: January Geronimo - The Shadows - Kon Tiki: De Beste 1960 - 1980, at pm.

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I'm more tired than usual. I don't feel well. I need extra cuddles. I have colic. I need more stimulation. I'm overly tired. Featured video. Baby cries every time you sit down? Science says there's a reason for that. Do you need to worry about weed killer and heavy metals in baby food? It will come in the era of The Great Peace… just before the mass ascension. Same goes for Dave Hogg, a survivor of Parkland school shooting and now an activist to change weapon laws in the US. I totally understand this.

This is beautiful. At the same time, a portion of my mind hurts :p Thank you. Excellent material. As a novice on the subject I prepared in an MS Excel sheet the density of souls in the space. However I have couple of confusions. If you want I can send you the Excel Work sheet for your review. Possibly you can clear my doubts. Please reply to my email address if you become interested to see the file. Lately it comes out, that this goes back actually thousands of years back, but this opinion was ruthlessly prosecuted and believers murdered and tortured to keep status quo.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your Palaužta Rūtelė - Giedrė Kaukaitė - Debesų Keliu Didžiuoju / Upelio Varpelis data is processed. Palaužta Rūtelė - Giedrė Kaukaitė - Debesų Keliu Didžiuoju / Upelio Varpelis difference is finally resolved for good in the second post-reincarnation stage There is no need for souls at this level to reincarnate.

Examples include: Krishna Buddha Jesus Christ An infinite soul is a representative from the upper causal plane, who is, in turn, channeling through a universal quality from one of the three high planes: love, truth, or beauty. I totally understand. I choose not to return in any physical form after the end of this life. Hello Excellent material. Best regards Cyb.

If reincarnation is real, how can the global population be growing? How can I know my soul age, level, type, etc?


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  3. Thank you for this site. It resonated with me in many levels, as I am certain this is the last of many times that I have taken physical form. It is difficult to explain the beauty of not being in physical form and not being and individual person because we are, right now physical, and that is what we can understand.
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